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I didn’t born in Britain, United States or elsewhere. I born in Turkey and my English (specially grammer) is not very well. I believe that, while I keep writing, it will developed. For that reason, I wish you will be pantient for that.


In 2014, I created Emre Çetin Blog in Turkish language. After 3 years later, it reached 1.200-1.400 views.

I’m international relations student and my aim was to transfer information to everyone. Turkish people are weak in politics (unfortunately). While I learn from books, my teachers and while experience politics in my life; I’m getting together all kind of information and I’m writing as much as plain on the blog.

Biggest Problem of Turkey

The biggest problem in Turkey, everyone knows very well(!) politics. When you go to kahvehane (Turkish/Ottoman style coffee shop), you couldn’t hear arguments in biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, space topics. They are science. However, Turkish people always talked about politics and football.

In Turkey, there are arround 250k academicians. However, some of them became a professor in single night! Because of Turkish politics. However, when we keep them plus experts in private sector; there are arround 450-500k experts in Turkey. We can discuss how they are expert but still we can count…

Turkey has almost 80 million population. These experts can not write for 80 million people. So, I took responsibility and I wrote 526 posts in . I spent more than 2 hours for each of posts.

I’m not a expert, not an academician, politician (not yet) or fortuneteller. I’m 28 years old now and I started programming at 11 years old, I also started to interested in politics since 16 years old. When I started to study computer engineering, I already knew 14 programming language (of course some of them were beginner level). However, I quit in 3rd year and I started to “political science and international relations” department.

I collect al kind of information, experiences, observations, learning and I’m publishing on the blog. I believe that, information grows while it sharing.

Now decided to publish English language. Because I want to inform all of you, what is the situation in Turkey from inside’s view.