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Who is Emre Çetin?


Who am I?

I was born in Eskişehir (best city in Turkey) in 1989. When I eleven years old, I met with computer. I started to learn programming language. HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. Then Qbasic, Pascal, Delphi, ASP… I met with open source world. I switch o PHP, Python, Bash programming… So, I wanted to be computer engineering.

I discover Steve Jobs. He is one of the important person in my life because I learn a lot of things from him. Such as minimalism, perfectionism and also (and most important part); dreaming! Yes, dreaming. Everyone should have a dream. I’m planning to do big things and I learn it from Steve Jobs. We should destroy barriers, we should find our path. And more and more..

At the same time, I was interested in politics since 16 years old. Psychology, psychological warfare, body language, propaganda, politics…

I started to Eastern Mediterranean University’s computer engineering department (in Turkish Republic in North Cyprus – TRNC). However I have problems with my department and my teachers. Some of them said, “there is explorer why I’m using Chrome etc.”, he couldn’t understand. Other said, why are you using linux, Windows is better…

Shortly, I quit in 3rd year. I change “political science and international relations” department in EMU (same university). It was the best decision in my life. Because our teachers are really good. They now theory but they are also have experience. I learned information and behaviour, thinking path from them. This is my last semester.

We have 20.000 students and 6.000 of them forreign. In international relations department; when I go to class, 30-35 out of 40 students are comes from foreign. Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan, İtalya etc… It is golden opportunity for EMU students. Because I found a chance to learn different cultures from my friends.

I’m really happy about it.


In the future, I’m planning to create a new political party and become President of Turkey but there are too many way for that…


What is Your Purpose?

Existence purpose of glass is keeping liquid,
Trees produce oxygen,
What is the humans purpose of existence?
Eat, sleep and die… Thats all?
Earn more money, buy better car, house, then?
We all have potential of changing the world, doing better things for humanity.
However we are wasting our lifes.
A lot of people don’t have courage to follow their dreams,
Even they don’t have a dream…

I find my purpose, I find my reason of existence… Turkey can be model. I will change the Turkey, then Turkey will change the Middle East and 3rd World Countries. Then world will be better place.

I believe that. This is my purpose… If I couldn’t finish, someone will continue from where I stop…