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This is my first post. I have some problems with English (specially grammer) however, I believe you will understand what I want to tell. I wish you will be pantient.


Turkey is radically change in 15 years. Because conservative party (which is AKP) started to rulling Turkey. For understand that, we have to look at the past.


Ottoman Empire was one of the powerful state. However, after French Revolution, “nation state” understanding is rised. Balkan countries started to uprising. Shortly, they won their independence. In same period, Arab uprising started. Some countries also support that movement.

At the beginning of 20th cc, Ottoman Empire became that;



This map from Sevr Treaty. Ottoman Sultan also sing that treaty. However Atatürk (Atatürk means father of Türks), reject that idea and he wanted to create modern country. Secular, modern and nation state…

He started to independence movement. Ottoman Empire try to catch him, because Empire says Atatürk is traitor. Of course Atatürk is family name, in that time full name was “Mustafa Kemal” (Mustapha Kemal).

Again shortly, Atatürk started independence war and Turkish people won that. In history, first time colonial powers defated in that way. Atatürk dismissed Ottoman Empire and created secular and modern Republic of Turkey. For that reason, nowadays, conservatives hate the Atatürk. He destroy religious empire, created modern country. He influenced from French Revolution and French intellectuals ideas and he developed ideas for İslam population.

Turkish independence movement also influence a lot of Middle East countries which are have İslam population and want to live in modern republic. However, Arap Spring destroy this movement.


From 1920 to 1946, Turkey ruled by single party (Atatürk died in 1938). But in single party, there were a lot of oppositions and different ideas. Because Atatürk knew that, Turkish people were not ready to met complete democracy.

1945 – multi party system established and CHP won elections.
1950 – opposition won election. Adnan Menderes who is radical İslamist like Erdoğan.
1960 – military coup for save democracy(!). Menderes executed by army.
1961 – army published a new constitution and civil government published
1971 – miliyary memorandum
1980 – military coup
1983 – Turgut Özal (Menderes and Erdogan have same political thoughts on liberalism etc, also neo-liberal ideas became popular in the world) become prime minister.
1997 – Army drove military tanks for warning
2002 – AKP (Erdogan) become ruling (Single party).
2007 – military e-memorandum
2013 – Gezi Park protest
2016 – theatrical coup initiative
2017 – Erdoğan change the system, executive branch has more power than judiciary and legislative.

As you see, Turkey is never met with complete democracy. However, Erdoğan destroys Republic of Turkey’s basis which are made by Atatürk’s ideas; secular and modern Turkey. He sold a lot of Turkish instution under the “neoliberalism” and use these money for building in infrastructure. They deliberately published bad education and put pressure on people to send their kids to religious education schools.

While Turkey developed infrastructure, forgot the science, art, sport, technology… Or deliberately forgot. Because AKP’s vote decrease while education level is increasing.



From 2013, Turkish Lira lost their values against 92 currency. If effected everything.

Turkish minimum wage is 1.400 Turkish Lira which is 334,9 Euro (395,1 US Dollar) – 26.09.2017 currency.

If you want to buy a Ford Focus, it starts from 78.000 TL. HERE Turkish Ford website. Check “2017 Fiyat Listesi”.

78000/1400 = 55.7

That means, Ford Focus is 55.7 times of Turkish minimum wage. Check for your country. For example in Germany, minimum wage is 1.498,00 Euro (From Google) when you multiply with 55.7 ;

83.438 Euro is Ford Focus (Turkish level of tax).

State is earning more than car firm. Also while engine is growing, tax coefficient number is growing too..


AKP government couldn’t ban alcohol. So, they found a way which is high taxes. Again minimum wage (per month) 1.400 TL, Jack Daniel’s price is arround 150 Turkish lira. Compare that.

AKP find money from oil, car, alcohol and cigarette taxes. They are really high.



There are almost 190 universites in Turkey. However only 7-8 of them real “university”. What is this mean? In Turkey, graduate from a university is really important. Clothes, cars, money and diploma is change view of other people’s. So, every family’s wish is their children’s graduate.

AKP use that. There are a lot of single building universities. Nothing is teaching… Just have name of “university”. In reality, they are just technical high school. Or higher high school. Thats all. For open a new university, you should create a enough dorms, labs, sport center, classrooms etc. They don’t care about it. So, students couldn’t find a dorm or home…

There were solution; there are religious cults’ dorms. They go to there. Cults washed students brains. This is the base of radical Islamists revolution.


On the other side; a lot of leftist or Kemalist (who follow the Atatürk’s idea), just leave the country…. this is another topic.

Turkish students pass with cheating and memorizing. I really hate this situation because it is just waste of years. Why are you study then? Also they get used to cheating. When they start working, they are cheating in work too… While AKP’s ministers’ type published on social media, it was about how ministers’ steal money… Some of AKP supporters said; they are stealing but they are working…

Doing bad things, breaking laws is normal. Because %90 of Turkish students are cheating in the exam. What would you expect?

Also a lot of academician fired or faced with mobbing. They quit. Of staffing was on the AKP’s agenda in the universites…


Rule of law…

In 1980 coup, a lot of leftist and rightist young imprisoned. Also some of them executed. While leftist and rightist movement facing coup’s evil face; religious cult leaders such as Fethullah Gülen etc, were free! While offiers fired because of they are supporter of left or right ideology, again radicals placed to empty seats.

From universities to army that was the situation. Also radicals found a place in judiciary. Radicals mobbing the “others” (which are leftist, intellectuals, nationalist and Kemalist), when they quit (because of really hard situations), they promote their “men” which are radicals…

This is the way of radicals. There were cases which are Ergenekon and Balyoz, to “clean” Kemalist from army… After 15 July fail (really?!) coup attemped, now government realized that(suprise!!) Ergenekon, Balyoz and other cases made by Gülen’s cult…

Erdoğan used Fethullah Gülen’s cult for became power. After that, conflict of interest speare the our couple… They became their enemy(?!).

To clear Gülen’s and radicals, AKP government published state of emergency… It is a coincidence(!), that time there were referandum! They won…

This is the way…


As a Result

Modern and secular country is switching… However our “state tradition” and our culture is really old. Older than Republic of Turkey, older than Ottoman… It comes from Asia… Gokturks etc. So, we are not Irak, Syria, Libya etc..

Yes Turkey are more radical then past. Yes in the future it will be worst. However, I believe that, between 2020-2025 Turkey will be in caos.

This is why I’m planning to creat a new political party and running for 2030.
Until that time, I will improve myself.


That was first post, I want to write general things in Turkey. If you want to request, question or something else please mail to

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