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First of all, I’m not good at writing but I read a couple news and articles about this initiative and they were not explain critical points. For that reason, I want to write about it, also my university has 6.000 foreign students and they are trying to understand what happened.

This is not detached event. This is related about ruling party’s views and Ottoman-Republic of Turkey relation. So, I want to start with summary about Turkish history.


At the beginin of 1.000 (A.D.) Turks came to Anatolia from Middle Asia. One of the characteristic property is we are good at battles. When they came to Anatolia, at 1299, Ottoman Empire was established. They ruled by the Islam. Fatih Sultan Mehmed took İstanbul from Byzantinische Reich and got bigger and bigger.

ottoman map


This is the biggest territory of Ottoman Empire at 1672.

However, after 1699 Ottoman Empire become smaller. In First World War, Ottoman Empire created ally with Germany and Ottoman won front (Çakannale front was one of them) but Germany lost the war, so it was assumed that Ottoman lost too..

Ottoman accept Sevr treaty which is this:


Sevr Antlaşması Haritası


Atatürk Took Control

Ataturk (one of the soldier) said that, Ottoman use its change and he started to independent struggle. He organize Turkish people and won the independence war. He also fight with Ottoman Empire, Kurdish movement and Islamic movement which are wanted to Sharia (Islamic Law&state supporters).

First time in the history, Turkish people met by democracy. Unless French and English revolutions, democracy came from to top. People did not want to democratic revolution. For that reason, Ataturk started to working for teling what is democracy?

In that period, there was a single party (CHP – Republican People’s Party) but it included different political, cultural and ethnical views. When multiparty system (1945) established, all opposition movements come from CHP’s inside.

Ataturk died in 1938, İnönü become party leader. After that,

1945 – multi party system established and CHP won elections.
1950 – opposition won election. Adnan Menderes.
1960 – military coup for save democracy(!). Menderes executed by army.
1971 – miliyary memorandum
1980 – military coup
1983 – Turgut Özal (Menderes and Erdogan have same political thoughts) become prime minister.
1997 – Army drove military tanks for warning
2002 – AKP (Erdogan) become ruling (Single party).
2007 – military e-memorandum
2013 – Gezi Park protest
2016 – theatrical coup initiative

I have to add that, speacially from 2007 to nowadays there is civil coup. I will turn back to this.


1980 Military Coup

This is very important for Turkish history. Because after that, neo-liberal policies began to applied. In this coup, rightist and leftist (more of them) executed by army. These young people were clever, they read books, they were talk about politics. They hang by army.

Same times, religious groups (cult) such as Fehullah Gülen’s “Nur Cult” were free. A lot of of politcians, students taken by army for custody but these religious groups were free… So, they they located important positions in itelligence, police, army, ministers, juduciary and other government positions.

That radical Islamist, anti democratic movement become ruler in 1996 with Necmettin Erbakan. One year later army drove tanks and he resigned.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and some of his workmates are claim theirselves “students of Necmettin Erbakan”. They collect power with Necmettin Erbakan supporters. After that, Erdoğan become ally with Fethullah Gülen’s cult.

So, at 2002, AKP become single party and ruler.


Erdoğan Knows Army’s Coup Threat

Turkish Army was follow Atatürk’s revolution and Kemalism (Atatürk’s political doctrines). Erdoğan and AKP used Erbakan and Gülen’s supporters and power for staffing in government, included judiciary. However military could coup if they go too much.

For that reason political claims started which are Ergenekon and Balyoz. Most importart army commenders suspension from army. After couple years, AKP accept these lawsuits were mistake and Erdoğan said “we fooled by Gülen’s cult”. They started to hunt cults members.


There are some important points.

First, a lot of Kemalist commanders suspended from army. they couldn’t get back their jobs. Some of them killed himself.

Second, Yılmaz Özdil (he is important writer in Turkey) write an article today[1]. He said, if these commanders stay their position, 90% of cult’s commanders in army would not promote.

Gezi Park Protest

Shortly, Gezi Park protest started with small group to stop cutting trees in Gezi Park / İstanbul. Police used excessive force to protester. And mainstream media didn’t publish this news in 4 days. We followed from twitter. Excessive force and media blockout got reaction from people. They went to Gezi Park and police used too much force again.

It spread to all country. At that time, Erdoğan said “stay home and don’t deceived”. I remember these times, his face become white.

I don’t want to explain all Gezi Park protest. I want to wrote for something… We will turn back.


Erdoğan and AKP’s Relation with Gülen’s Cult

They have conflict of interests. There is lawsuit about AKP ministers’ corruption (17-25 December). After that, government attempt to close cult’s private teaching institutions. Bacause Gülen took a lot of clever student and cult washed their brain, support them (scholarship) and cult put these student to good position in government.

Erdoğan make a coup(!) against army with these students help. After that, he become to understant, only these religious cult can stop him. Then, he chase this cult.

When these are hapening, bureaucracy and government become weak. Because when someone say “this is not right”, Erdoğan’s team assumed this is cult’s movement. Then investigate them. Also AKP is giving important positions to their supporters. For that reason, knowledge in government, ministries, intelligence etc become less and less.


15-16 July Theatrical Coup Initiative

There is supreme military council (Yüksek Askeri Şura – YAŞ) in Agust. Some of cult’s commanders will be retired and there will be investigate others.

What Happened In 15 July

At 23.00, Turkish army close bridges (single way from Europe continental to Asia continental).

köprü kapatıldı


They also closed Atatürk Airport (it is important for international fly)


atatürk havalimanı kapatıldı




At 23.12, I wrote a message from facebook and twitter:


darbe senaryosu


Probobly they will suppressed the coup attempt(!) and the presidency way will open with the new constitution. Beautiful scenario.


I called it a “scenario”, then I will change its name to theatrical coup initiative. Why? I will explain step by step.

  • As I mention, this army took control 2 times. They made operation at 3-4 am in the morning. However they made in 23.00, which is prime time. When people wathcing TV.
  • In old coups, they arrested politicians and they capture the media. However, prime minister, president, old PM and president, ministers were on the TV and they made comment about coup.
  • Army took briges, Airport, state television, and same management buildings (HQ office etc). Thats all!
  • They also bomb parliament, some of secretary buildings etc.
  • Normally, army cooperation with airforce, navy force and ground forces (1960 coup radio record-Turkish). In this attempt, there were a couple helicopter, F-16 airplanes and almost a thousand soldier joined. More important thing is, a lot of soldier didn’t now what is going on.

Erdoğan made a call for people to meet in squares (remember the Gezi Park, he said “stay in home”). Then, a lot of people go outside. We just saw soldiers in bridges and airports and strategical point in Ankara. Thats all. In a coup time, I assume army take control in the street, municipalities, governorships etc but just bridges and airport.

Soldiers did not execute orders (which are included to shoot people), they just surrender. However some radical Islamists, kill soldiers.


asker linc 2

asker linc

askere saldırı (1)

askere saldırı (4)

linç edilen asker

ölen askerle poz veren ülkücü




They call it is a coup attempt but I believe this is a theatrical coup initiative. Because for less resistance, coup start morning, when people sleep. Now in prime time!

They said, F-16s tried to hit Presidential plane! Interesting! Best pilots in NATO couldn’t hit a civil plane isn’t it?


Real Coup

Remember the Reichstag fire !

Today, more than 2.700 judges (I know it is more than 2.900) removed! There are arround 14.000 judges !

Of course in YAŞ (begining of Agust), a lot of commander remove too. This is clearly a civil coup.

Also with this theater, “they”(who!) show that, even army can not stop us. Also they show to opposition, even army can not stop them…


They worked with cult, they support them, they remove a lot of Kemalist, democrat soldiers in the army; then they say “we fool”… Now they are clear government. They remove all kind of opposition under the “Gülen’s cult threat”…


Shortly, this is what is going on Turkey.


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